Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today is the day ladies and gents when I begin orientation. School classes start on January 15th. In approximately 1 1/2 hours I will be getting my schedule adjusted (there's no way I can start out with 5 classes....craziness!!!) Getting my student I.D. Chossing a household I would like to be a part of. We have small groups, I get fed all during orientation (I already like this place!!!). TOmorrow we start with morning prayer (7am...some people crave getting up that early...I just don't understand them :) but I love them!!!) Everyday there is Mass and on Saturday there is gonna be a dance. I don't know if Ohio is ready for the danceing styles of miss g-pity. We will soon find out!!! I need help (shelley, stella, kili...) when I want to do a new post, there isn't a line for a title, how can I get that to show up???

The girls went to Pittsburg last Thursday!!! It was totally awesome...and one of the best things is that they have Bucca de Beppo, and it was perfect!!! EM...ya'll have to come out and go to Station is truly beautiful. I will have pictures for you soon, left my usb port at home like an idiot!!!

It snowed the other night, but not much. Today it is cold and sunny beautiful blue sky. The sunrise this morning was out of this world. I have heard that it is crazy snowy in good ol Washington. I miss the mountain (it is flat over here...yuck) and I miss all of you. See you in about 5 months!!! :)

God Bless,


Blogger Marie said...

It is crazy to think you were in Pittsburgh! I use to live about 10 mins from Station Square and worked only 5 minutes away. How cool is that? I am so happy that you having this great experience. I can't wait till I get the chance to go out there and see you. Keep in touch via e-mail. I have lost 5 blogs on this site.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

Yes, my post worked! Miss you my friend. Check yourself out on my wedding blog. I have a beautiful photo of you. Oh, and don't forget to send me your address again. I have a package ready for you. Miss you, love you. Remember Jesus and I love you!!!

12:49 AM  

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