Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It is SOOOOOO cold!!!

let me tell you...there is nothing like walking to class in 11 degree weather and you have to keep a scarf over your mouth or else your lungs hurt!!! NOT FUN!!!

I finally have a picture in case you have forgotten what I look like...and the beautiful as ever Ms. Jen Heaps!!! The only reason I have this picture is cause of Jen's camera...thanks babe!!! :)

My classes are going well...I am really homesick right now...last night was really bad. :( I miss St. Andy's music groups...I miss singing with you...I miss girls ladies light up my world!!!

I can't wait for this summer, so I can give ya'll the longest hug ever!

God Bless~


(p.s. I am not online as much as I thought I would be...I have become a bit of a book worm...I will try to write more often.)


Blogger Marie said...

Oh, Amy! I miss you so much. You look fantastic so I assume you are doing great. Good luck with your studies. God bless you!

11:50 PM  
Blogger shelley said...

I miss you too!! So glad you posted and updated us...keeping you in my prayers. Love you!!

12:05 PM  

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