Thursday, May 03, 2007


  • I hate poetry, and am glad that I am done and don't ever have to read one again. I am hoping I get a B though.
  • I love Washington. When your in Steubenville on a warm day, it feels like your breathing in very potent chemicals. Seriously, gross.
  • I am very fortunate to be here in Ohio studying at the BEST College ever!
  • I love Jesus...Oh, wait I already new that. Do you love Jesus? He's the best, you should give 'em a try, He'll love ya back, but 100 times more!!! :)
  • I am nervous as to how challenging next semester is going to be. I think this semester was definetely the honey moon period.
  • I realize that I may complain too much. I am working on it. Notice my first bullet point, I HATE POETRY!!! LOL
  • I am so excited about this summer, it is going to be tons of fun!
  • I love you!

Finals are almost done. It is going to be a long weekend of paper writing and studying. I have almost half of my song composed. Yee Haw~

It is 12:44am. my goodness, it's late.

Goodnight, sweet dreams~

see you in two weeks from today! Yay~


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