Monday, September 03, 2007

AT LAST!!!!!

It was a busy crazy summer with little to no internet access!!! I am back at school now, and it has been non-stop since arriving a couple tuesdays ago!!!

This is my new schedule for the new semester:

9-10am - Latin
12-1 - Mass
1-2 - Music Theory
3-3:30 - Voice Training
4-5:15 - Lives of the Saints
7-9 - Schola Cantorum (Choir)

8-12pm - work
1-2 - theory
2-4 - work
4:45 - Mass

9-10 - Latin
12-1 - mass
1-2 - theory
3-3:30 - voice
4-5:15 - saints
7-8 - schola (every other wednesday)

10-1pm - work
1-2 - theory
4:45 - mass
6-8:40 - CMP (christian moral principles)

9-10 - latin
11-12 - voice
1-2 - theory

needless to say...not a lot of time to breath. This semester is leaps and bounds different from last semester. my free time in the evenings will be spent eating and studying and sleeping and more studying!!!!

I auditioned to be a part of music ministry last thurday and i will find out on wednesday if I made it. I will get to sing at mass during the week if I make it and sometimes on Sundays. I still have to sign up for adoration in the Port. I know I definetely need some Jesus time to focus my thoughts and to be strengthened.

missing home a lot!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just write, to say, I love you!!! I just write, to say how much I care (I do)....
Please let me know when you need some help. Anytime. It's what I do. Really. -Lindsay

7:28 PM  

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