Saturday, March 29, 2008


It was a great Holy Week!!! I was away from family for the first time this Easter and I was wondering how I was going to take it. I talked to the fam a couple of times and it was good to talk to them. I was surrounded by the most amazing friends this Easter. They made all the difference in the world. The Easter Vigil was unbelievable. There were four baptisms and multiple confirmations. After every single person was baptized the whole fieldhouse stood up and cheered and screamed and clapped for like 2 minutes straight. It was so moving, I cried and those around me did as well. It didn't matter if we knew that person or not. They were receiving Christ into their lives. A mark forever sealed upon their souls!!! The Power of the Holy Spirit (there's isn't even a word to describe how great it is). I feel like smiling for the rest of my life, even when it becomes difficult and hard to accept. Needless to say...this Easter Octave is certainly fruitful and I'm going to try and make it last and not let the fire die. Well, not die, but certainly fade, as it is easily done when I (we) get caught up in worldy things!!!

Divine Mercy Novena~

For me, the best novena ever!!! There's nothing greater than God's unfathomable divine mercy.
Please know that you're all in my prayers. I love ya's all so much!!! :-)

A few pictures of this past week. Included are: Jill, Lisa, Claire, Jess, Anne, Amy, Mikail!!!


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