Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Of New Years, Car Accidents and a New Semester~

It has definetly been one of the most craziest beginnings of a year i have had. I think i heard someone say that 2008 is gonna be great. Well, I would have to say that they are wrong about that one!!!

After the sweetest wedding ever of Shelley and Jonathon Sproufskee (sprouffske, this is how it is actually spelled. I had to copy and paste it in. I did pretty good, just switched up the e's and f''s!!!), I got really sick with a chest cold, which my mom got just 3 days earlier. I guess the only way that we were going to get to hang out was if I stayed home sick from work, and I was sick indeed. So that was new years eve. Didn't get to hang out with some of the sweet chicks of the EM. So after a week of hacking and coughing, I was starting to feel better...and then...

SMACK... i was on my way home from lunch with my aunt and was hit by a drunk driver. it was so so so scary. they hit me on the drivers side front panel. both air bags went off, and when i tried to get out, I couldn't. panic creeped in a little cause i couldn't breath from the smoke and dust from the air bags. I crawled into the back seat and got out that way. I was in so much shock that I couldn't hardly walk. I am so thankful that I wasn't going any faster. It could have been a lot worse. I have a nasty seatbelt bruise, scraped up my wrist, and my back and neck are very sore.

One kinda nice thing about the accident was the EMT's who showed up to check me out. My oh my were that cute, no wait a minute...HOT!!! i was bummed because they all had gloves on, so I couldn't do the hand check. oh well.

So, I am now recovering in Ohio. It was really fun to see eveyone again, and this semester is looking like it is going to be great. I am excited about all my classes, well except music theory. Some great people that I met are studying in Rome this semester, lucky huh!!! I will miss them. My classes look like this:

~ music theory
~ media and society
~ sacraments
~ voice II
~ piano

In theory class yesterday I may have heard the funniest yet strangest comment. My teacher wrote a bass line, and after he played it and tweeked it a little, he said..."that's a pretty sexy bass line" I think I may have had that deer in the headlights look followed by a frantically squirming ackward turtle. Did he just say sexy??? and was he talking about a bass line???

Gotta run to class now! See ya'll in May. :(


Blogger Rachael said...

Amy, I'm sorry to hear about your car accident, that is super scary! I hope you're recovering quickly. We missed you on new year's. Have a great semester!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Sorry to hear about your car accident. Good job on the spelling of Shelley's new last name you were closer than most.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah... sexy bass lines are the best! Hello- haven't you heard of Al Green or Barry White? Come on my fellow musician!!! Lindsay :)

10:26 AM  

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