Monday, September 10, 2007


There is an update to my schedule below. I have dropped Latin. My sanity was slipping away from me. One day last week I started freaking out because I didn't have an assignment done, and finally after about a half hour, I realized it was Tuesday and not Wednesday, then I cried. I am now enrolled in a piano class. It has been pretty stressful trying to get organized and transitioned and finally starting to be comfortable with where I am at in my life.

I would like to send an e-prop to miss lindsay m. You are amazing, and helped me just when I needed it. thanks again for your insight!!! You have no idea how much it has helped!!!

I have to run now and practice some musica!!!

This Saturday I will be going into pittsburg to pray outside an abortion mill. This will be my first experience and I am going to bring a box of tissues, and then some extras in my pocket. I will share my experience when I get back!

God Bless and love ya'll~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my first e-props!!! how about e-props right back at ya for working your hiney off??? i'm glad you figured out a balanced schedule for yourself and have been praying for you with my little darlings daily. i have found that playing the piano really helps me zero in when super stressed... maybe that will help you too! - lindsay

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